2024 ABOMÉ Studio worked together with Kasthall Design Studio to create sculptural fashion pieces to celebrate the release of their new collection of rugs, The VICHY Collection. Amanda Borgfors Mészáros designed and crafted each fashion piece by hand, deconstructing the beautiful woven rugs and combining them with ABOMÉs sculptural leather torsos.


 The VICHY collection embodies the tactile experience of Kasthall rugs. Through the use of high-quality wool and a considerable amount of yarn, the result is a denser and more versatile product, which makes each rug both long-lasting and a pleasure to walk on.  Inspired by the enduring presence of the checkered pattern in fashion and interior design, the VICHY collection brings a fresh perspective to a timeless motif with centuries of history. Lena Jiseborn shares, “The vibrant fashion scene of the 1950s greatly influenced our creative process, resulting in a collection that beautifully offers a nostalgic yet contemporary embrace of the checkered design.”

 Photographer Peter Gehrke